10 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Happier


We all get in a rut where we aren't happy and our best selves. It's normal to have your mood brought down by an event in your life, and sometimes its hard to move past it depending on the severity. Through my eighteen years of living I have definitely had my ups and downs, with my teenage years being the hardest. I've learned to keep around the people and moments that make me happy, as well as distancing myself from those who don't have my best interest. Who doesn't want to be happy? We all have those days where we need a pick me up and sometimes the smallest things can bring a smile to our faces. 1. Meet up with a close friend for lunch

Yeah, this might seem sort of obvious, but sometimes we don't realize how much friends can affect you until you aren't around them as much. Go to your favorite lunch spot and talk about how you've been and how they've been etc. You're probably thinking, yes obviously but as soon as others are brought into the conversation in a negative light, it won't benefit yourself or your friend. FullSizeRender

2. Plan ahead 

This is what I resort to the most when I'm feeling down. Plan out a fun night out with the girls, or purchase tickets for an upcoming concert. The excitement and anticipation for this event will help you get through a tough week at school or work. Every once and a while, I'll plan to meet a friend for coffee on a wednesday so the week won't seem so long and to distract myself of any of the stress going on in my life. FullSizeRender-2

3.  Make a playlist of all the songs you listened to in 7th grade

Life was so easy in 7th grade, and these songs will make you feel like a kid again. My playlist consists of Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers, as well as some Parachute songs and The Maine.

4.  Work out 

Take out any stress through a great workout. This can be a run, or a class at your local fitness center. Not only will this clear your mind, but you'll be left knowing that you're improving your body and overall health.


5.  One good deed a day

This can be as simple as a compliment to paying for the person behind you in the drive through. You'll know that even if your day isn't going well, you just made someone else's that much better.

6.   Pamper yourself 

We all need time to ourselves. Take a few hours to run a bath, put on a mud mask, and relax. You'll feel better in your own skin afterwards. After, cozy up with a soft blanket and grab a mug of tea or hot chocolate. Pick up one of your favorite magazines or the book that you've never had the time to read. Little things tend to have the biggest impact.

7.    Set Goals

These goals can be simple as completing homework, getting your achieved grade on a test, or cleaning out your room. Reward yourself with the handbag you've been contemplating over or an outing for ice cream. You'll feel much more happy and proud of yourself after you've achieved your goals.

8.    Plan out one outfit a week

This may be personal considering my love for fashion, but many others can relate to the fact that you wear what you're comfortable and confident in. I like to take one day a week to plan out a special outfit that I know I feel and look good in. Not only does this give my confidence a boost, but it boosts my mood. FullSizeRender-1

9.     Spend time outdoors

It's been scientifically proven that a good amount of vitamin D is good for you. Take a walk outside or go for a bike ride. The fresh air will relieve you after being inside for too many hours. FullSizeRender-4

10.     Write down 5 things you're thankful for a day 

Yes, everyday.. because sometimes we loose track of all that we're given. It's important not to get caught up in small insignificant problems when others are facing worse.