Colder Weather

Fall is my favorite season for fashion, although not always my favorite season of weather. It's been cold here in the suburbs of Philadelphia the past few days, and as in cold I'm referring to the 50 degree weather with no sunshine. For obvious reasons I had to take precautions and bring out the oversized sweaters, cashmere and warm socks. In addition I've been loving Starbucks Oprah Chai Tea Lattes, iced and hot, more so hot so I can gain feeling back into my hands. Last weekend I purchased this super soft sweater at Nordstroms from the brand Hinge. The material is 55% cotton and 22% polyester, which is a nice change from many of the sweaters I own. It also feels super lightweight while keeping you warm. As for the rest of my outfit, the pieces were purchased in the past year. More recently, I purchased these cowgirl boots in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. I was debating over ordering a pair from Frye or searching for a more unique pair. I searched through about five stores while in Nashville, not even exaggerating, and I didn't find anything to my liking before I stumbled upon Lucchese. The boots they make are beautiful, and all handcrafted in Texas. I was so impressed with their consumer service. They made it about the experience, which is something more retailers should do. So of course I decided to slip into them to add a little bit of Nashville to my outfit. I'm planning on taking in fall before the snow comes in, with a few more pumpkin spice lattes and flannel shirts. Sweater: Hinge // Jacket: Barbour // Pants: Seven For All Mankind // Bag: Burberry // Boots: Lucchese // Infinity Scarf: J-Crew

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