Spring 2016 Runway Favorites

To get my mind off the fact that winter is rapidly approaching, I chose to browse through the runway snapshots on nymag.com. Not gonna lie, these designers got me super excited for the upcoming spring season. Below I have a couple of my favorite designers spring 2016 runway collections that caught my eye. Elie Tahari: 


Elie Tahari's spring collection features monochromatic outfits and detailed pieces. Lace and cutouts in the fabric create interest without taking away any monochromatic aspect. The collection features a couple of beautiful deep blue patterned fabrics as well as black patterns that are subtle.




Joie, (one of my all-time favorite brands) impressed me with their signature bohemian style. In their spring 2016 collection they featured many essential bohemian looks for the spring season. I wouldn't mind rocking a pair of high waisted jeans and a lace up blouse. All of the pieces aren't too tight to the body and can be flattering on a variety of body shapes.

Tory Burch: 


Tory Burch's collection features bright blue and red bohemian patterns. In addition it features a wide variety of earth toned fabrics as well as sheer iridescent fabrics. It's classic Tory Burch with a pop of bright springtime blues, reds, and yellows.



This collection makes me super happy because it reflects the J-crew that we all know and love. Throughout the collection it features gingham patterns and embellishments. There is a lot of mixing of gingham and stripes. Bright springtime colors are brought into the collection through the stripes, gingham fabrics and embellishments.

Kate Spade: 


Kate Spade's spring collection featured bright hues, pops of color, and fabric cutouts. There are a couple of beautiful abstract floral fabric as well used throughout the collection. I'm absolutely obsessed with the handbag on the second picture above. Kate Spade's accessories will bring any of your spring outfits into full swing.

Rachel Zoe: 



Last but not least, Rachel Zoe. Wow. This collection took me away and is my personal favorite. The embellished detail, use of fringe, and classic spring style was brought into the collection perfectly. I think we all need to take a minute to appreciate the works of art above.