Your Guide To: Valentine's Day

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Every Valentine's Day, I always like to dress the part and wear something flattering and fun, either for a date night or a girls night out. These dresses are a few of my favorites, from many up and coming brands like For Love and Lemons and Lovers + Friends. I cannot get enough of their lace fabrics and how trendy yet classic all of their pieces are. It's appealing to many personal styles and can be mixed with more classic or bohemian peices. I found most of these on one of my favorite online clothing stores, Revolve Clothing. It's that one online store I always go back to because of the great brands they carry, and the features on their website that make it almost impossible not to find a killer outfit.

What To Do: 

1. Have A Sleepover 

Spend time with your closest girl friends and stray away from the stereotypical crying while watching The Notebook. Decorate your living room with garland and balloons, maybe string some lights, add some fluffy pillows, and of course, a wide array of food displayed, because who doesn't love movies and snacks. I found this great online party supply store with the cutest decorations and other party supplies, called Shop Sweet Lulu.

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2. Bake Some Valentine's Day Treats (also a great gift idea!) 

I know you can't resist any holiday activities without baking. Hit up Pinterest and find some festive recipes or stick to your regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and swap some red and pink m&m's instead of chocolate chips. As a gift you can buy pre-made sugar cookies, or bake your own, and create your own cookie decorating kit. Add some pink, white and red sprinkles and icing and you have a quick easy gift.

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3. Go Ice Skating 

Your local skating rink will most likely be less crowded after the holiday season, and it's the perfect time to try something out of your regular routine. Plus who doesn't love continually holding your boyfriends/husbands hand for prolong periods of time. If you're not good at skating - like me, there's always an opportunity to make someone laugh.

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4. Make Your Own Five Star Dinner 

Nothing wins over a heart like a home cooked meal, trust me. I would definitely test out your recipe before hand though. Search on apps like Paprika and look for some recipes. Go for something you know he/she likes and don't forget flowers.


Gift Ideas: 

For friends, I'd stick to simple things, like gift cards to your local spa, cookie kits, or a collection of Polaroid pictures of you and your friends.

For that special someone, anything personal is the best kind of gift. Go for the things you know he/she loves to wear, or collect. Girls also love giant bears, not gonna lie. Let them know they're appreciated.

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

xo- Caroline