5 Dorm Ideas


I'm way ahead of myself, but for all those recently accepted into college, designing your dorm is one of the most enjoyable parts of the college process. From having a mom and grandmother in the interior design field, I've learned some tips and tricks, and have had the chance to see many beautiful homes and buildings. Of course, before I even decided on a school I created a dorm Pinterest board and searched for inspiration. One of my favorite dorms is from Lone Star Southern, as her dorm is the featured image of this post. Here are a few ideas and some inspiration I've found over the past few months. Shop on Etsy! 

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On Etsy.com I found adorable stores, supplying both party supplies and cute decorations that would be perfect for a dorm. Two of my favorites are BlushBazaar and girlygifts07. (Sorority banner //  Fringe Letters)

 Bedding and Headboards! 

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This is one of the main components of the dorm, and is always the focal point so it's important to make sure it looks clean and not too overdone. For me, I prefer plain white bedding, with some color in maybe a monogram and trim. Although there are many beautiful pattern beddings you can purchase on PBteen and Serena and Lily. As for headboards, I found this great website called dorm-decor, which sells basically everything you need for a dorm,  including great headboards that you can design yourself. (Monogrammed Bedding // Headboard)

Add Personal Touches! 

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You want to feel at home, which is definitely hard the first few months at college. Hang up a few Polaroid's of you and your friends, or add a few graphic art pieces. (Nantucket Print // Firefly Clip String Lights)

Be Tech-Savvy! 

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You're going to need to plug in all electronics, and sometimes the nearest outlet is on the other side of the room. If you're the person who needs their phone plugged in right by their bed or more importantly, needs to have enough plugs, you need an extension cord, or a PowerCube. As shown above, the Power Cube can attach to any surface, perfect I know. (Power Cube // Le Cord)

Keep Organized! 

FullSizeRender_058c8cb2-7c00-42be-bf51-b5f47d41d278_1024x1024     Dorm_Decor_Final_-31_6f3bcb82-c01d-42b8-9492-50b9fefe1394_1024x1024

When you think of all the things from home you want to cram into a small dorm, it can easily stress you out. Fill your dorm with cubbies and bins, to ensure that no clutter is left out in the open. This is especially helpful for closets and bathrooms. (Bed Cubby and Desk Cubby)

Also, as a side note these cubbies can be delivered and installed by Dorm Decor for Auburn University, Birmingham Southern College, Samford University, and University of Alabama.

Happy Shopping!

xx CB