Mother's Day Gift Guide


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.20.50 PM 1: Ella Moss Blouse // 2: Tory Burch Earrings // 3: Puff Keychain // 4: Monogram Necklace // 5: Design Darling Topiary // 6: Tory Burch Cosmetic Bag (on sale!)  // 7: Candle // 8: Daniel Willington Watch // 9: Bracelet  // 10: Kate Spade Picture Frame // 11: Gold Sandals // 12: Joie Shorts // 13: Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Palette

As Mother's Day approaches us I decided to gather a few ideas. (Mom if you are reading this please resist and exit this post) !

Above is a very general idea of what to purchase your mom this year, it all depends on what she's interested in and what her style is. For a more athletic mom, I would recommend leaning towards items just as Fit Bit's, or clothing from Lulu Lemon. Anyway you get the gist.

For everything mom's do, I believe that they deserve a full day devoted to them; this includes being papered and not having to do all the tasks that they have to deal with day to day. Start her day off with breakfast, head to her favorite yoga class, grab a quick bite to eat, take a trip to the spa; little activities like these will for sure make her day. Personally, I like to make one of the meals for my mom, but taking her out to her favorite restaurant is always an option. Most importantly, spend time with family and make it known how special she is. Sometimes moms can be taken for granted, and its important to be thankful for all the small, and big things mom's do.


A proud daughter