Spring/Summer Trends- Chokers


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Yep, the 90's are coming back this summer, with one bold accessory, the choker necklace. Growing up I've only ever known the cheap plastic choker necklaces that come in a four pack, but these fashion forward new comers have caught my eye. They've been selling out like crazy especially by girls my own age, my friends being a huge part of that. There's something so simple yet edgy about a choker necklace that can make an outfit. Paired with simple pieces of clothing it's important to make sure you're not overdoing the trend. I try to wear a more loosely fitted top that has a lower cut, this provides space for the choker to stand out. Also try to steer clear of tight fitted clothing with a choker, there are some exceptions I'm sure but if you're wearing a tight long sleeved shirt with a choker..the styles don't mesh to well.

Here is some inspiration on how choker necklaces are styled:


(love this outfit above from Memorandum)



(Gigi Hadid)


(steal the look)