One of Those Days- The Importance of Time Spent With Ourselves


It's currently 1:56 am and for the past 2 hours I haven't been able to sleep. I'm sure you've all been there where you toss and turn, your body heat feels as if it's at its all-time-high and your mind is racing. You're debating if you should just stay up or try to force yourself to fall asleep. I'm not always in the best mood, and for whatever reason, I believe it's important not to tuck it away. All you can really do is push through the few hours. These are the days that make our happiest days seem even greater. The cause of this mood is usually the fact that you haven't had time to spend with yourself. We're so plugged in on what the rest of the world is doing that sometimes it's hard not to compare ourselves and our lives to others.

Sometimes the downfall of my mood is just being bored, and feeling as if I haven't benefited anyone, including myself.

Sitting around staring at my phone can only last so long before my mood stays at a standstill. I have to turn off my phone, go for a jog, drive around and grab a coffee, take a trip to Ulta or Sephora and treat myself (I sometimes tend to go a little overboard), so try not to break the bank. I buy one or two things that will instantly get myself excited like a candle or a face mask. It can be something that I've always wanted to try or do. I paint, doodle, pick up my room, or bring in a vase of fresh flowers.

Giving time to myself is always the last thing on my to do list, but ultimately it's the most important.