Let's Give Thanksgiving a Little Extra Attention

Thanksgiving is about simply being thankful, for those around you, for those who impact you, and to recognize the distinctive qualities about yourself and others. It’s a day to reconnect and cherish those around you.  

Recently, I discovered The Thanksgiving Project, created by Sugar Paper in collaboration with Casper ter Kuile at Harvard Divinity School. It is simply a game that creates connection by answering a question. They suggest printing out each card, and placing them in a container such as a mug or gravy boat. From there, the container will be passed around the table, allowing each person to take a moment to consider their question, and give thanks.  

Give it a try, and I can assure you it will diminish any talk of politics or other conflicting opinions. You can bet that this will be placed in the middle of my family's table this Thanksgiving. 

Style Journal Thanksgiving Guide .jpg

I'm obsessed with anything magnolia, and this Magnolia Wheat Wreath from West Elm captures all the best fall tones and textures. 

Did someone say Plaid? This Soft Touch Throw  also from West Elm is the perfect throw to snuggle up by the fire with. 

Stationary (1 & 2) Rifle Paper Co. Is one of my favorite paper companies, they even sell pillows and phone cases with their beautiful prints. 

How trendy is this Silverware set from Terrian? Copper Silverware is the perfect item to make your tablescape stand out this holiday season. 

I honestly want this Pumpkin Spice Campfire Mug for the whole season from September-Novemember 31st, because why not? 

Inside these adorable felt leaf Party Poppers  are a felt leaf keyring, hat and a joke. How fun! I'll be on the search for some Christmas additions as well. 

This Floral Garland from Terrian is absolutely stunning. Paired with string lights it can be used inside glass vases with candles, or down the center of your dining room table. 

This Cashmere Beanie is the perfect accessory to take you into the winter season. A mossy green is such a flattering color in the season, and a great way to avoid too much black. Not to mention, it looks great on everyone. 



Caroline Bogrette