My Everyday Curls

After years of Youtube tutorials and countless burns, I've achieved a method that has worked for myself. It's not perfect, but natural is never "perfect" anyway right? My goal is to have volume and to frame my face while not overdoing it. It's best to achieve an effortless style similar to the voluminous Victoria's Secret runway hair that looks like you just rolled out of bed with stunning hair. 

First thing I do is preheat my curling wand. I usually go to about 170/180 degrees. I've had the Thairapy wand for a couple years and I feel like I have no reason to change to another brand. The wand comes with various wand barrels that click on easily. I usually stick to the 1 1/2 inch barrel (which I used for this look). 

Next, I brush through any tangles. Sometimes I add a bit of Moroccan or Argan oil to my ends. 

I section off my hair right above the top of my ears and wrap it up in a tight bun. 


Grabbing about 1 1/2 or 2 inch sections of hair, I wrap them around the wand tilting the barrel down towards the ground at a slight angle. Hold the curl for about 8 seconds and release. Once I release the curl, I hold it for a few seconds to cool and lock into place. I try to alternate the direction of the curl for a more natural look. With the pieces towards my face, I always curl away. 

After curling the bottom section, I wrap that section off loosely with an elastic. 

From there I curl the top section and repeat the same process. One you're done, release the elastic holding your first layer. 

Lastly, spray it out with some hairspray. I like to scrunch my hair upwards while I do this. 

All done!! I'll probably be wearing my hair like this all Memorial Day Weekend. 

Happy almost Friday! XO CB