20 Things I've Learned in 20 Years

The fact that I'm out of my teenage years still baffles me. Today, I'm 20 years old. The doors have been opened towards my 20 somethings and I cannot be more excited for what's to come. Internships, job offers, marriage? Yeah... that's a lot to take in. To keep myself sane I wanted to look back into the past and really reflect on what I've learned in my life so far. I hope you can relate to a few. Last years: 19 Things I've Learned in 19 Years

20 IN 20 

1. The person you love should go out of their way to show that they love you. 

2. Never rely on other people too much, you should be your first contact. 

3. Stay true to your passions, yes this is an obvious one but you want to stay consistent on your personal brand, at least in the stylish industry. 

4. Always consider how what you're doing, can affect others. When you're given a chance to help others, do it. 

5. Don't confine yourself. College is hard, half the time I'm cooped up in my dorm room studying. Remember to take the time to have those unforgettable memories of obnoxiously singing in the car with your friends. 

6. Stay in contact with your family at least once a week. The comfort of my family brings my mind back home & I always feel better afterwards. 

7. Talk it out. We all have problems, seriously, "I have more issues than Vogue" is a real thing. We've all had those break downs when you can't take it anymore, but you have to realize people are there for you always, you just have to reach out. 

8. Make a bucket list for each season. Remember that time you went hiking or saw a fireworks show? Yeah, that just didn't happen by chance, most likely, you planned it. 

9. If you can't stop thinking about it, buy it. OK, this isn't ALWAYS the case. My point is, around the time you go to college is when you want quality clothing for internships, jobs & events. 

10. Make your home your happy place. Surround yourself with items that reflect who you are. I'm currently making a gallery wall filled with a couple Evelyn Henson prints and just looking at them makes me happy.  

11. Support those who support you. We're all trying to build up our successes, why not recommend a friend when given the opportunity? 

12. BE A GIRL BOSS. Let me tell you, that show really inspired me. The fact that you can start from nothing and build an empire is one very important thing to keep in mind. Seriously, Sophia Amoruso started on Ebay. 

13. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know what you're thinking, "yeah, yeah," but honestly. I'm not a morning person and starting off my day right makes me turn into one happy Caroline. 

14. Use a personalized pitch. This defines who you are, your story, something you can brag about, your special factor and what you are seeking from your job or internship. Use this when asked "so, tell me a little bit about yourself" during one of those harshly intimidating interviews. 

15. If it doesn't exist, start it. Everything has a beginning, if you don't have the opportunity, most likely, other people will thank you for potentially giving them one as well. My freshman year of college, I created a digital lifestyle publication called, On Point Magazine with a fellow classmate. We started from scratch and didn't look back. Now we receive 4k views annually. 

16. Save your money for experiences. Have you wanted to see Florida Georgia Line for what feels like forever? Save up and just go, will you regret it? not one bit. 

17. Throw in a little surprise here and there. Send your best friend a small gift in the mail or buy your boyfriend that ticket to his favorite sports game. 

18. Don't forget who the people who got you to where you are now. The first boutique I worked at was my senior year of high school. My manager gave me a ton of insight into the industry and could not have been a sweeter person. For her I am forever thankful. 

19. It's a two way street. When you always make an effort, and nothing is reciprocated back, forget about them. 

20. Love yourself with everything you do. 




Caroline Bogrette