How to Achieve Goals During the School Year

As we anticipate the start of the school year it brings excitement, but also stress.

With the hectic schedule of a college sophomore, I'm packed with sorority recruitment, club activities, and you guessed it, assignments. Want to know how I get through it? Simply my planner & my phone. 

During my time in middle school towards my days as an underclassmen in high school, I wasn't the best student. One of the main reasons I fell behind was my lack of organization. I never used a planner. I felt there was no need as everything was online. However, yeah you guessed it, I was wrong. Not everything I needed was provided online and I'd be off asking classmates. This is when my addiction to planners began. 

When it comes to using a planner, write down everything. Yeah, for most I'm stating the obvious, but seriously. Write down ideas, write down everything from health and wellness to your assignments. Once you get it done, cross it off. The satisfaction of getting everything done will give you peace of mind and inspiration to do more. When you start to notice things aren't getting crossed off, it's your wake up call that you need to get your life together. 

Apps are my everything. Seriously, they are my lifesavers. 

1. 7 Minute Workout: I love this app because it gives you a 7 minute workout that you can do anytime, anywhere. All you need is a yoga matt and some sneakers. The app provides an animation so you can see exactly how to do each movement, and it times you as you do each exercise. Pretty cool right? The more you use the app the more results you'll get.  

2. Headspace: Meditation isn't for everyone. To be honest though I think everyone should give it a try! For me, I find it the perfect way to clear my head and relieve stress. You can meditate focusing your mind on specific purposes such as relieving anxiety, stress, and to improve self-esteem and relationships. 

Plan & write down one exciting activity a week. Trust me, it'll make that daunting to-do list 10x more achievable when you have something to look forward to. 

Use your resources. We all have those assignments that are challenging. Contact your advisor or professor and see what they can do for you. If your school provides a tutoring center or writing center, take advantage of it. Honestly, even if you think your 15 page paper is "good enough" have someone read it over and use their advice until you see A's written all over it. Write down each scheduled meet up and go. 

Happy planning! XX, CB 




Caroline Bogrette