A Positive Mindset for the New Year

I can't believe we are already 10 days into the new year! As I start the new semester, I've been reflecting on the past while considering new habits to implement into my routine. One being, my mindset. There have been countless times where I feel like I can't achieve something, or a constant worry in my head when I want to do one thing, but I don't know how others will be affected. Today I'm going to share with you some of my favorite quotes & how to change your negative thoughts into a positive #girlboss mindset. 

Story of my life. I've always been scared of failure, and I've faced it before. Especially when entering new situations, you won't want to regret not giving it a try, because who knows what new doors can open. 

Life goes on. Cherish all experiences that you face in life and learn from the good and the bad. This applies to the simplest of things - such as receiving a disappointing grade to entering a new internship with some incredibly inspiring people of whom you get a chance to work with. 

Let's be honest, most of us aren't given everything in life. It can be hard to grasp sometimes the amount of work it is to achieve many of our goals, but it is completely worth it. The amount of work you put into what you are passionate about will only make you better. 

Whenever you doubt yourself, consider what you have on your plate. Think about what you've learned, what you are super talented at and how you can get through anything with the right mindset. 


Caroline Bogrette