Galentine's Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and for many, the holiday really isn't all that if you're single. My advice to you is to own it, because who doesn't like to have fun? Gather your friends and set up a small gift exchange, and set the price point (don't break the bank). Gather ingredients for a small charcuterie plate and some rosΓ©, light a few candles, play some music, and look at that your Valentine's Day isn't so boring after all! 

Below are a few of my favorite Galentine's Gift Ideas. 

galentines gift ideas .jpg

1. Heart Keychain  So cute & simple! 

2. Heart Hoop Earrings A great way to change up your everyday hoops. 

3. Lover T-shirt To wear now on spring break and later during summertime. 

4. Glow-Me Selfie Light  Isn't this the cutest?! Perfect for the girls who search for that perfect lighting. 

5. Knit Sleepwear (top + shorts) On my shopping list as there is never a limit to comfy clothing. 

6. Personalized iPhone Case Recently I've been obsessed with block lettering, from Instagram stories to anything really. This phone case features a single block letter monogram that can be painted onto it.

7. Pink Undies In the festive colors because why not? 

8. Boy Smells Candle I'm not sure if this really smells like boy, but if its a great cologne smell I'd be into it. 

9. Girl Gang Bracelet The cutest gift for you and your girlfriends. 


Caroline Bogrette