The Benefits of Using a Jade Roller

Any tool that can boost my skin care routine is a must. I’ve been eyeing jade rollers since they showed up on my Instagram feed, but never really looked into their benefits. Trust me, there’s more to the hype than just an insta-worthy product.

  1. Depuffing

    Theres nothing that bothers me more is my under eye circles, especially as a junior in college. Waking up with puffy, fatigued eyes is no longer an issue, as I can resort to my jade roller, which I keep in my fridge for more of a refreshing experience.

  2. Allows Products To Absorb into Your Skin

    With my acne prone, combination skin, I’m an avid user of serums. After I place my serum on my skin with clean hands, I massage my face with the jade roller to allow my product to seep into my skin.

  3. Boost Blood Circulation

    A boost in blood circulation allows for a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


BeautyCaroline Bogrette