Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For The Beauty Guru

I’m back with a super fun gift guide today- one for the beauty guru in your life. From makeup, to bath & body products, this girl likes a little bit of everything.

One of my favorite finds: a car diffuser - who knew these even existed?!

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  1. Body Oil

    This company makes all organic clean beauty products. (1 + 2)

  2. Body Polish

    An essential for the cold winter months.

  3. Cactus Aroma Diffuser

    When you want an alternative to make you home smell good without the worry of an open flame.

  4. Vanity Case Set

    How chic are these? They’ll last a lifetime and hold all of your favorite products.

  5. Body Butter

    I bought this stuff years ago and used up the full jumbo sized container - it smells so good and makes your skin super smooth.

  6. Nude Eyeshadow Palette

    This keeps selling out and for good reason. A nude palette is perfect for your natural beauty lover.

  7. Resurfacing Mask

    I’ve heard great things about this product and who doesn’t love a good face mask?

  8. Pink Clay Soap

    Such a fun stocking stuffer that purifies the skin.

  9. Inner Beauty Powder

    For your health-guru who loves new products to try.

  10. Car Diffuser

    It should smell this good everywhere right?

  11. Lip Scrub

    This stuff is truly necessary — especially in these winter months. Pair it with a lux lipgloss or chapstick.

  12. Bath Salts

    We all need a good spa day and chic packaging in our lives.

  13. Makeup Brush Set

    A brush set is one of the best gifts to receive as a makeup lover myself, and it will be put to good use.

  14. Hair Brush

    This hair brush isn’t your ordinary hair brush — it leaves your hair silky smooth.


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