All Things Corduroy

Corduroy is a familiar fall trend, however this season it is everywhere. From jackets, pants, to shoes the soft fabric is making a texturized statement. I opted to purchase both a jacket and a skirt (both Missguided) as they pair well with all my fall basics.

The trend is so universal it truly looks good on everyone. I’m a huge fan of wearing a corduroy skirt with a chunky sweater during those in-between weather days when you’re not freezing but it’s not warm enough to go without a sweater.

Styling is easy as you don’t have to worry about wearing one type of fabric (which can overwhelm a look). For example I tend to wear a ton of leather in the winter, but I would opt for my boots to be leather and my handbag to be suede, or another variety of leather. Corduroy simply adds another textile that instantly makes your look scream fall.



StyleCaroline Bogrette