Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For The Foodie

With myself being a total foodie — a gift guide for the Foodie seemed like the perfect option for those who love to indulge in everything from chocolate to truffles.

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  1. A Cookbook

    A cookbook is always a fun gift for the total foodie as there is something special about having a hard copy of a recipe. If you want this gift to be more personal, create your own cookbook of your favorite recipes.

  2. Marble Cheese Board

    A marble cheese board has been on my personal wish list for so long. They’re perfect for entertaining and look great in a kitchen.

  3. Truffle Gift Set

    I’m a huge fan of Dean and Deluca and their truffle products are such a fun gift. I add truffle from everything from grilled cheese to pasta dishes.

  4. A Box of Candy

    Who wouldn’t want this wrapped up in a bow?

  5. Cocktail Tool Kit

    Not only does this look super chic on your kitchen counter, but it makes great cocktails.

  6. Belgium Waffle Mix

    For you breakfast lover. Add some maple syrup & blueberry compote for the best Saturday morning breakfast.

  7. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Have you ever met someone who didn’t like chocolate covered pretzels? (shakes head no)

  8. Gingham Hand Towels

    These linen hand towels add a fun element to a neutral kitchen.

  9. Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

    For those who don’t drink alcohol, this can be used for sparkling water, soda, etc. It keeps it cool for hours.

  10. Washable Nut Holder

    For your snack lovers who love pretty packaging.

  11. Copper Measuring Cups

    Measuring cups can be cute too, right? Add this to a gift set or a cookbook and your gift is good to go!

  12. Nespresso Machine

    An essential for all coffee lovers. I love mine especially as a college student who goes through coffee like water.

  13. Wooden Serving Tray

    Perfect for the entertainer. Pair this gift with a cookbook filled with tasty hors d'oeuvres.


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