Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For The Homebody

Welcome to the first Holiday Gift Guide for 2018! I’m so excited about the holidays and it never hurts to get a head start on gifts (before they sell out!).

From specific people in your life to various price points in your budget, you can expect gift guides throughout the weeks till Christmas fitting all your needs.

As a person who can be stuck on what to purchase someone as a gift, I thought I’d take the challenge and create gift guides to help you all out & honestly myself. I’ve been discovering so many gift options, some being new gadgets and others being creative options to impress your friends and family.

Now, the Homebody Gift Guide, one of my favorites, as this time of year I can find myself lounging around way too much— but these items make the experience a little more luxurious.

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  1. Blue Light Glasses

    These super chic glasses aren’t really glasses as you know them to be. They eliminate the blue light from all of your tech gadgets that causes headaches and eye strain.

  2. The Softest Robe

    I practically live in my robe in the fall and winter months. I never want to lay in a towel or get fully dressed when I need to do my hair and makeup, so a robe is the perfect option.

  3. Cozy Loungewear

    This is an essential for the homebody. I love loungewear that can be worn outside of the house when running errands paired with some white sneakers.

  4. An Expensive Candle

    The Baies candle from Diptyque is my favorite candle of all time, it just smells so good. They burn them in all Club Monaco stores.

  5. A Posh Diffuser

    I love this chic ceramic white diffuser. For those who love essential oils and meditation, this is the perfect gift.

  6. A Monogrammable Cosmetic Case

    How adorable is this cosmetic case? It comes in various colors and can be monogrammed for a personal touch.

  7. A Healthy Cookbook

    Perfect for the homebody who loves to cook healthy, nutritious meals at home.

  8. Soft Slippers

    These are so chic and are perfect for anyone on your list.

  9. Studded Picture Frame

    This neutral picture frame is a great option for a personalized gift that can add style to any room.

  10. Nude Lip Gloss

    The perfect addition to some cozy loungewear.

  11. Palm Neon Light

    This light is perfect for those who love home decor. It instantly adds a stylish element to a room.


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