3 New Years Resolutions You'll Want to Stick With

As NYE slowly approaches, I took it upon myself to come up with a few resolutions that I’ll actually want to stick with. Of course, the most common resolutions such as working out and eating healthy will always be on my mind, however, I wanted to take the time to stick with resolutions that contribute to my own well being and eco-friendly habits.


    Sounds horrifying I know, especially when you think about how many items you own and use everyday that have plastic in them. I found this blog, called Litterless that provides easy ways on how to use less plastic and overall less waste. One step I want to take is to use more products with plastic, such as RMS Beauty, a sustainable beauty brand that has all it’s packaging biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable. Think about how many beauty products you go through every year and all that ends up in landfill, this step could really make a big change on your eco footprint. I personally decided to make this resolution number 1. after watching 60 Minutes the other night to be awakened by the damage of plastic on the environment, watch for yourself.


    Most of us love saving money, but for some it comes easier. Continuing with the eco-friendly theme, it’s important to wear your clothes as much as possible. This means maybe investing in higher quality clothes, and shopping from sustainable clothing stores (Everlane, Allbirds, Reformation) . In addition, consider recycling or donating clothes you plan on never wearing again. Consider creating a Poshmark or Thread Up account, I discussed this topic previously on this blog post.


    Now with all the time you can spend cleaning out, reusing, and making sustainable choices, self care is just as important. Take the time to meditate and relax, at least a few times a week. Write out what you need to accomplish and what you have accomplished, take a bubble bath, or go for a long walk to clear your mind. It all makes a difference.

    XX, CB

Caroline Bogrette