Winter Travel Essentials


From long flights to snowy delays, having all your essentials when traveling is key. This might mean purchasing a collapsable water bottle, and some sheet masks, but your skin will thank you. I’ve learned from experience that when I’m makeup free and I’m ready to get to the hotel room, oversized sunglasses are a must, as well as sleep gummies to help with any time change.

I always opt for the most comfortable outfit possible, depending on where I’m traveling I’ll wear my heaviest clothing (for winter weather) but my favorite option is a loungewear set. Wildfox & Eberjay have the softest options that’ll keep you chic while feeling like you’re wearing pajamas. For footwear, Margaux & APL have the most comfortable shoes, it all depends on your personal style, but their options are endless.

While in flight, wipe down your seat and pull out your favorite facial oil. I love the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil from Drunk Elephant, it helps with acne prone skin and hydrates your skin through the dry airplane air. Pull your hair back with a silk scrunchie (you can find these everywhere) — it won’t mess up your hair. For longer flights I’ve been loving sleep gummies, it also helps calm the nerves that always seem to be present while traveling, especially during the busy holiday season.

Caroline Bogrette