Brands I'm Obsessed with | Greylin

In my last post, I'm wearing my favorite Sherpa Vest from Greylin. I purchased it months ago from a local boutique in Greensboro, NC called Rebecca & Co. and today I finally got a glimpse of the brand! Let's just say I need to start saving... the pieces are absolutely stunning, especially their new spring line. Bell sleeved blouses, ruffled hems, and light linen fabrics are a few of the stylistic details you'll see below. How flattering right? I'll have one of each please. 

No. 1 Striped Blouse // No. 2 Pink Ruffled Skirt & Top // No. 3 White Blazer (on my wish list) // No. 4 Floral Silk Romper // No. 5 Red Pants // No. 6 Blue Floral Top & Skirt // No. 7 Cotton Twill Jacket // No. 8 Chambray Top // No. 9 White Jumpsuit // No. 10 Blue Cropped Top & Pants // No. 11 Black Pants // No. 12 Boucle Coat


Caroline Bogrette