8 Places to Buy Vintage Online

There's something so special about vintage fashion. With our fast paced trend cycle, its important to reduce waste and appreciate pieces of the past. From high end designers, to mid-range, there is something for everyone in the vintage market. Growing up I loved grabbing ahold of my grandma's arm and walking into countless antique & vintage stores. There were so many beautiful things that none of my friends would have. Now it's your chance to find your favorite finds, here are 10 of my favorite places to buy vintage online. 

Na Nin Vintage // Easy to wear classics 

Boheme Goods // Chic with a California vibe 

Vintage Frames // Unique sunglasses even celebs wear 

LaDoubleJ // Beautiful vintage prints 

FarFetch // All your high end designer wear 

Rokit London // Everything from vintage Ralph Lauren to Levi Jeans 

Bohemian Harvest // Classy pieces and Levi Jeans (I'm obsessed if you couldn't tell) They're $70 compared to ReDone's $300 vintage pairs. 

Shopgirl LA // Trendy and a reasonable price point (the transparent bag isn't Celine, but is styled with a Celine bag inside, just wanted to point that out as I got a little excited myself!) 


Caroline Bogrette