My SkinCare Favorites

Skincare has been a critical part of my everyday routine. I'm a girl who has struggled with acne and combination skin, and I've learned from various dermatologists throughout my 20 years of living. I'm no expert, but I've found that a few daily steps make all the difference. 


Cleanser // My skin personally loves very simple, hydrating cleansers. I tried out oils, and Cetaphil products, but ever since I tried out Fresh's Soy Face Cleansing Milk I haven't gone back. I find that my skin never gets dried out, and it gives me enough of a cleanse that I do not break out as much. I've found that the product works best with a Clarsonic, as it does not foam easily. 

Micellar Water // Honestly this stuff is a miracle worker. It takes off all my makeup and makes my skin refreshed and hydrated. I use this stuff about twice a day, once in the morning to get off any makeup (usually around my eyes) that didn't fully come off, or at night to take off my makeup. It's not always harsh enough to get off waterproof products, so I would recommend to purchase a separate makeup remover for the eye area.  

Moisturizer // I stick to a simple CeraVe drugstore moisturizer. They have both a regular lightweight moisturizer and a heavier option for dry skin. For eye cream I use one from Bobbi Brown. I don't get super dry in that area, but it prevents wrinkles! 

Drying Lotion // This stuff from Mario Badescu is a lifesaver. If you have a breakout, apply it with a cotton swab and it's gone overnight. One thing to keep in mind is to not shake the bottle! I made the mistake at first not knowing why the product was separating inside, and the product didn't live up to it's full potential. 

Sunscreen // I feel like you can't really go wrong with a nice facial sunscreen. I really like the Mineral Sunscreen from Coola because it's super lightweight and oil free. I wear it under my makeup and there is no sticky residue feeling. 

Chloraphyll // This is relatively new to my wellness routine, but I've given it a try! Every night before bed I add about 5 drops of chloraphyll in my water (I purchased mine from Whole Foods Market). It's proven to protect skin health, improve digestion, weight control, and to help you feel more relaxed. 



Caroline Bogrette