The Swimwear to Snag Now


I'm back with a little spring break inspiration now that I'm back from Florida, and you can guess I'm already missing it! Spring is my favorite time to stock up on swimwear for the upcoming season, because it gets me excited for warmer weather. Then, the reality hits and there is snow outside, but we can pretend right?! Trends such as scallops, high waisted bottoms, and ruffles are just a few of the latest swimwear trends I cannot get enough of. If I'm being honest I haven't gotten into the one piece trend, just since I've never tried one on that has been flattering on my body type. However these days with all the various styles, I'm probably going to purchase one or two to try! I'm obsessed with No.3 below with the cutout detail and scallops. 


No.1 // No.2 // No.3 // No.4 // No.5 // No.6 // No.7 // No.8 


Caroline Bogrette