Friday Finds 6/1

Friday Finds are back! I'm very excited about this weeks in particular as every item has been on my current wish list. One item featured below (No.1) is a part of Lake Pajamas new collection. If you don't know about Lake Pajamas already, they're a preppy pajamas company based out of Savannah, Georgia. I've featured them on my Instagram and on my post The Pajamas that'll get you Through the Season (these are my favorite pajamas if you couldn't tell). Anyhow, they have pushed beyond their usual pajamas and released easy to wear dresses and two piece sets. I think all my dreams just came true. 

friday finds 6:1:18.jpg

1. Striped Ruffle Dress // 2. Blue Hoop Earrings // 3. Espadrilles // 4. Santal Perfume // 5. Daisy Bikini // 6. Marc Jacobs Eye Shadow Palette // 7. Mulberry Bag // 8. Nars Lipstick // 9. Striped Cropped Top // 10. Wedges // 11. Star Hoop Earrings (on sale) 

2. These hoop earrings from Rebecca Deravenel have been seen on my favorite blogger, Juila Engel from Gal Meets Glam, and I can't wait to get my hands on a pair! 

3. I adore the new Soludos X Anthropologie line, each pair is so unique and fun. I spotted the pair above on a women out for lunch the other day and complimented her shoes, little did I know they were Soludos! (it was a lucky guess) 

4. I've wanted to try these scents for a while, plus the packaging is stunning. 

5. I've always had an eye for Tory Burch swimwear. This bikini especially caught my eye with it's daisy embroidery. 

6. Marianna Hewitt mentioned this Marc Jacobs eye shadow palette in her most recent favorites video & when she showed the colors she was wearing on her lids, this eye shadow palette immediately went on my wish list. (Click on her name to watch the video!) 

7. It's been forever since I've been on the Mulberry website, let alone heard of the brand. More recently I've noticed a lot of British Bloggers and YouTube influencers raving about this Mulberry Handbag. Welp, now I'm in love with it too. Does everything British seem more swanky? 

8. You've probably heard of the Nars Orgasam Blush, this sheer lip stick gives the same beautiful sheer pink radiance. 

9. I'm obsessed with cropped tops to pair with high waisted shorts in the summer and it's striped! I'm all about stripes this summer. 

10. These Joie wedges are so classic! I love the subtile studded detail on them. 

11. These are actually the same earrings the model is wearing on (No.9), they're a good option to change up your regular gold hoops, plus they're on sale. 


Caroline Bogrette