My Coffee Routine

If you're reading this you're most likely an avid coffee drinker like me. Between going to college, and spending my summer at home this year, there is always a strategy to have the perfect cup of coffee without going to a coffee shop every morning. 


I wouldn't say I'm picky, but I'm sure many of you guys can relate that there is a difference between qualities of coffee & the type of blend. Obviously, if you grab a cup of coffee from Wawa (hey Philadelphians) it's going to taste different than a latte from La Colombe. It's all really based on personal taste, and unfortunately mine usually seems to be the expensive taste but there are ways around it! One being- my Nespresso machine. Yes, this is an investment, but not compared to the machines they use in coffee shops. As a college student, having the ability to make my cup of coffee in my dorm every morning saves money and time. I can order about 5 different type of pods (about 20 in each) and I'll only be spending 50 dollars. Another great thing about Nespresso is that it's incredibly easy to recycle all your pods. They provide a shippable bag that can be send back to the company to be recyled. 

At home, we have a Mocca Master, which a truly incredible coffee maker. It makes a perfect, full-bodied cup of coffee for about the same price as a larger Nespresso Machine. 



For my coffee blends, I really enjoy blends by La Colombe, such as the Bleu Blend, and the Corsica Blend.  For my Nespresso Machine, there are so many different pods that I love, however, I tend to stick to the lighter colors. My favorites are, Vanizio, Carmelizio, Hazelino, and Melozio


1. Iced Vanilla Latte (1 pump vanilla + whole milk) 

2. Iced Lavender Latte or Cold Brew 

3. At Starbucks: Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew 

4. Cold Brew with Oat Milk

Happy Sipping! 


StyleCaroline Bogrette