21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years

You saw this one coming didn't you! If you have been a reader of mine for the past few years you know that every year on my birthday, I list everything that I've learned in my life. Welp, not everything, of course. I limit to the number of my age so that the list isn't pages long, because we all learn new things about life every day. 

Here we go. 

1. Buy yourself the flowers 

2. Trust elders in advice, and keep in touch with past employers 

3. See yourself as your little cousin sees you 

4. Humble is a trait you want to hold close 

5. The friends that check on you, truly care 

6. Balance work and play, but remember to be a kid once and a while 

7. Hug whenever possible 

8. Saying goodbye can open new doors you've never thought possible 

9. It's never worth it to dwell on the past, the future will push yourself towards goals 

10. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health 

11. Things don't always come your way, it's important to take your own steps and build from the bottom, and know that that's okay

12. Music is an incredible healing power and can transform any moment into a movie scene 

13. It's important to give back once and a while, to see things from a different view point 

14. First accept all your qualities, the good and the bad, then the bad will diminish 

15. Hold your power close, and don't be afraid of confrontation, because it'll only show your strength (only if you're respectful of course!) 

16. Use your weekly planner like your live depends on it 

17. Venture alone every once and a while

18. Fight back with kindness, it's your strongest weapon trust me 

19. If there is something that you see that isn't right, stand up and do something about it, write the letter, confront the person, just do it or you'll regret it 

20. Sleep heals you, especially with lavender oil

21. Make an effort to connect with everyone, despite how different they might seem, there is always something in common that can bring you closer 

Brb, getting a cocktail now



Caroline Bogrette