August Refresh: Closet Organization

With back to school fast approaching, summer is ending faster than I would like. This summer has been a whirlwind full of traveling and fun, but now it's back to the routine. While I have been packing to go back to college for my junior year (crazy, I know), I've taken the much needed time to clean out my closet. 

I recommend to do this every year or so, depending on your shopping habits. Trust me, I've found clothing that date back to high school and some things are cringe worthy. What you see below is my closet which contains my nicer pieces of clothing that need to be hung, plus my shoes and accessories. The rest were in drawers which I had to sort through as well. 


Start with separating your items into two sections, donate and sell. When it comes to donating your clothes, there are various options depending on your location. I go through the company Heaven's Treasures, a local thrift store that has drop off locations. To find your best place to donate I would do a little of your own research to discover your options based on where you live. 

When it comes to selling clothing & accessories the list is a little longer of places to sell. I go through the company ThreadUp as I find it is the easiest method to selling my clothes. All you have to do is go on the ThreadUp website and order yourself a clean out bag which you can choose to either sell your clothing or donate. Once your bag is delivered, neatly fill the bag with your items. I would recommend only selling items that are in very good condition and that are designer to ensure payment on your part. 

Another option when selling your clothes is Poshmark. I haven't started selling through them yet but I've heard great reviews, especially when you want to earn a little more money for your items. Think about it this way, an individual will see your item first rather than a company preparing to sell the item (or not) with their price. Through Poshmark, you have a lot more flexibility, it's only the shipping that is an added hassle.  

For high end designer items, I would recommend the company Tradesy, it is very similar to ThreadUp when it comes to the process. They send you a free shipping kit, and you send the items their way. Tradesy will deduct a flat commission fee of $7.50 for sold items less than $50. On sold items $50 or more, they will deduct a low commission rate of 19.8%. When it comes to receiving your payment, you can withdraw earnings using Paypal, a debit card, or an ACH transfer. Keep in mind the most popular items in resale are handbags, accessories and shoes. 

Lastly, for the more fun part, actually organizing.

I love to add in small pieces of art, picture frames, magazines, etc. to personalize my space. I bought small white baskets from Target for scarves and hangers from the container store. My closet isn't anything super fancy however anything can look like a mini boutique with a little added effort.   


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