What's in my Bag: College Edition

As midterms come around having all my essentials is crucial. As a junior in college, I know the struggle of having to lug around textbooks, worrying about forgetting things at your dorm and the constant need for snacks (I love my snacks). Having a bag where everything is organized eliminates 50% of my college stress, maybe more, maybe less depending on the day.

When a bag has compartments for all my essentials I’m totally for it. My tote bag from Lulu Lemon has countless compartments, and even a place for my water bottle. I can slip my keys and wallet into a side compartment and not have to worry about anything scratching my laptop.

  1. My Planner

    I’ve been loving my planner from Rifle Paper Co. There is no way I’d be able to get through a semester without it. Keeping my assignments and exam schedule organized helps me stay on top of my studies.

  2. Pen & Pencils

    This is pretty obvious. I tend to always have the Pilot G-2 07 with me and Sharpie highlighters- I love the way they write!

  3. Snacks

    Having a snack helps boost my energy on my busy days. Three times a week I only have ten minutes for lunch, so I almost always have an extra energy bar or pack of nuts in my bag.

  4. Chapstick

    Especially during the cooler months, my lips tend to dry out. It might just be me, but when my lips are chapped, I’m distracted, so you can expect it’s always a relief to find a little chapstick in my bag.

  5. my current sunglasses

    I tend to go between my Hexagonal Raybans and my Oliver Peoples.

  6. beauty collagen

    Something new that I’ve added to my school bag is a pack of beauty collagen. Beauty collagen is good for your skin, nails, hair, digestive health, boosts energy, and improves joint health. Whenever I get a chance I add this to my water and I always feel good afterwards. The strawberry lemon is my favorite favor. I get mine from Vital Proteins.

  7. wallet & keys

    When I’m going to class I always need my student ID and some form of money whether it is cash or credit. I always carry around a little card holder and my car keys (my key fob is from Smathers and Branson).

I tend to carry around a water bottle—sometimes I put it in my bag, but lets be honest I’m afraid of spilling things. More likely during my morning classes I’ll have a latte in hand.


Caroline Bogrette