14 Accessories, Bags & Shoes for Fall

With all the fun trends this fall season, I couldn't help but search the internet for my favorite finds. Tortoise and leopard print have been huge for the upcoming season, as they pair perfectly with all your favorite fall colors. I got a little out of my comfort zone, branching out from my usual browns and blacks and into dark greens and golden hues (peep, the one green item I found)

12 accessories and shoes for fall.jpg

Black Ankle Boots // Silk Leopard Scarf // Tortoise Sunglasses // Earrings // Layered Gold Necklaces // Black Loafers // Long wear lipgloss // Leopard Loafers // Brown Booties // Felt Panama Hat // Leather Green Mini Lady Bag // Satchel // Pointed Toe Flats // Brown Tote

Every single item can easily dress up an outfit, which I love. My go-to fall outfit is denim with loafers and a button down, as it's perfect for North Carolina's mild fall season. I've also been in the search for the perfect bag to go from classes to town in. I've found that satchels and tote bags seem to be most versatile to fit either my iPad or laptop in, totally practical for a college girl like myself. 

Don't be surprised if you see me in a leopard silk scarf grabbing a PSL later this fall. 


Caroline Bogrette