15 White Shoes For Spring

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends or even just scrolling through your Instagram feed, one item that is everywhere is white shoes. From sneakers to high heels, the trend has been popularized since the fall of 2018. For the spring and summer months, white is the perfect shade, so why not stock up now? Pair them with summer dresses to boyfriend jeans, you’ll be looking like you planned out your cool girl look all season long. Here are a few of my picks:

No. 1 // No. 2 // No. 3 // No. 4 // No. 5 // No. 6 // No. 7 // No. 8 // No. 9 // No. 10 // No. 11 // No. 12 // No. 13 // No. 14 // No. 15

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with your footwear. Depending on where you live, you’ll either be wearing sandals and pretending it’s summer or slowly transitioning with booties. Either way, use this trend as an opportunity to branch out to those new white mules you’ve been eyeing on Revolve, or an itch to get out of your usual daily uniform.

For your preppy girl, maybe look at a pair of block heels such as these Tory one’s above (No. 3), or for your west cost girl who lives in her sneakers, I’m obsessed with these (No. 8) from Rag & Bone.

The perfect word I would use to describe this trend is Mod.


The British definition is what I was aiming for. Plus, 60’s fashion was iconic with the white go-go boots.

For more white shoe inspiration, visit this blog post (linked here), and my Pinterest.

In other news…

With the new season upon us, and a few upcoming trips, hello spring break, there is a ton of new content I’m so excited to share with you all. Furthermore, if you couldn’t tell I love spring, mainly because I’d prefer if the temperature would stay at 73 year round (very particular I know). Honestly, who doesn’t love brisk mornings and sunny afternoons? You can expect a few flower filled Instagram posts as well as some expected white shoe inspiration, because why not.

Which pick was your favorite?

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