7 Girl Boss Habits

As winter break begins for many college students, we can all say we need a few days to recharge. However, I always make it a priority not to get into a rut. These 8 Girl Boss Habits will keep you going & motivated all year.


1.     Read and learn continuously

I'm a big fan of inspirational books. One of my favorites is Make Your Bed By William McRaven. McRaven describes in detail what he learned in Navy SEAL training, and applied in to real life lessons. Talk about an inspiration. 

2.     Prioritize & do the most important tasks first

Procrastination gets to the best of us. To overcome it, get done the hardest/most important tasks first. If you know you have a big project coming up on the calendar, work on it little by little rather than cramming. This way there is room to edit and improve your work before the final deadline.   

3.     Value alone time

Time to recharge is essential. You may think you need to constantly need to be working to be productive but that isn't always the case. Take time to treat yourself with a face mask and a magazine, then you can get back to work a little later. 

4.     Use your planner wisely

Don't always depend on your memory! Even with a planner sometimes little things blow right over my head. Schedule out your to-do list, or even an in depth plan for the day. I write down everything from important class activities to plan ahead for, to social events, to specific workouts. 

5.     Get up early

Start your day off right. Studies show that your brain is most energized in the morning (when going to bed at a reasonable hour of course). Knock out that workout, hearty breakfast, and tackle some of your to-do list before noon. Sounds better than 2am study sessions right? 

6.     Be a boss & avoid being bossy

To gain respect from others, you have to give it. It doesn't matter what position or reputation they hold, treat every human the same. Be assertive, not aggressive. The last thing you want is to be the boss from The Devil Wears Prada, focus on a more positive inspiration like the founder of your favorite company or charity. 

Collaborate and be open to new ideas. Remember, you're not a know it all. Show rather than tell people what to do, and never demand respect. Lastly, be accepting of criticism. It can only make you better, so why let it drag you down? 

7.     Establish an exercise routine

With a busy schedule, finding time to exercise can be difficult. I find it's the easiest to attend classes, or set up times to do at home workouts. When you tell yourself "I'll workout today" you're more likely to go through your day and then lose your motivation. Avoid those situations by having a set plan.