Plain & Simple


I'm incredibly happy to be back in my favorite place, Bluffton, South Carolina. If you know me personally or follow me on any form of social media, you know that this small town holds my heart. Anyways, as I was packing for my trip down south I realized that almost everything I packed was blue and white. These past few months between the hassle of going back and forth to college during breaks, not so much of a hassle but a process, I've realized a difference between the pieces in my wardrobe I actually wear and what stays at home.

This is when my realization of a capsule wardrobe came into play. My style is generally classic, preppy and occasionally trendy. While I’m shopping I tend to buy whatever sticks out to me, which is good but sometimes I forget what I actually need. For example, I tend to go through a lot of t-shirts. It’s my Sunday addiction that turns into an everyday habit, especially in college. When it’s hot outside everything seems to get worn out as a result of sunscreen and trips to the laundry room.


One of my capsule wardrobe pieces for the summer is a good pair of denim shorts. It’s definitely a challenge finding a pair that fits your body type, and I recommend going to the store and trying them on for sure. However, I took a risk with my new shorts off Revolve. I needed a new pair ASAP and heard good things about the brand GRLFRND. After reading the reviews I purchased my size as if I was buying a pair of jeans. With shorts, I usually size down but most people recommended sizing up for more coverage. They fit like a dream even with my curvier lower half.


Top: Club Monaco (ON SALE) / Shorts: GRLFRND / Sandals: Jack Rogers / Bag: Calypso (Old, Similar)

Sending love from Bluffton to you! XO CB